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Got Questions 7: Apologetics + Can you lose your salvation?

Sunday, May 27, 2018


"I'm spiritual, but I'm not religious."

This statement seems quite popular these days. It's convenient, as it avoids having to deal with a Being who may have expectations.

But behind it is the unproven assumption that "truth cannot be known."

However, Christianity is uniquely a "thinking person's religion." The Bible emphasizes repeatedly that the truth can be known if you care to seek it out.

That is where the concept of Apologetics comes in, and it was the focus of the first half of today's message.

The second half of this seventh installment of the "Got Questions?" series dealt with a perplexing question: Can you lose your salvation?

If not, what about people who seem to have walked away from their formerly passionate relationships with Christ?

The answer to this question lies in the awareness that we always conceptualize things in terms of a timeline, but God sees things outside of time. He invented Time itself, and is not constrained by it.

To download the audio from today's sermon, click here.

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